About Us

In January 1982, Meadowridge Primary School opened its doors and welcomed a throng of eager and excited learners from the suburb of Lentegeur, Mitchell’s Plain. Number 28 Primary as it was known originally catered for learners from “sub” A to “Standard” 3, by 1984 the school had become a fully fledge primary school, stretching from “sub” A to “standard”5.

Under the leadership of Mr. H. Kennel, Mr. I. Moses , Mr. N. B. Daniels and now Mr D.J. Albertyn the school has grown from a previously disadvantaged school under the apartheid government to a thriving school whose learners, teachers and support staff do everything possible to grow from strength to strength. Perseverance, the school motto has carried us from our early years in 1982 to this point when we continue to do so, in unity. In 2022 Meadowridge Primary will celebrate its 40th anniversary as one of the premier schools in Mitchell’s Plain.  We are ready to seize every opportunity to engage with new pedagogy, modern technology and exciting and new ideas.

Our Vision

“In unity we succeed.”

Our Mission

We, Meadowridge Primary School, strive to:

  • Motivate, stimulate and educate
  • Instil moral, ethical and cultural values
  • Encourage community involvement
  • Promote professional development.

Our Motto


August 17, 2022


Mr. D Albertyn


As the principal of Meadowridge Primary, I am honoured you took the time to visit our school’s comprehensive, informative and exciting website. Our passionate, dynamic, and innovative staff are eager and ready to introduce your children to relevant knowledge and dynamic skills to be critical and creative thinkers who will make an impact in our diverse society and technologically advance world.

Our vision is to inculcate and nurture principles and values which will develop every child’s talents, abilities, and potential in order for them to be confident and competent individuals who would seize opportunities and overcome any challenges they may face.

As you navigate and find out more about our dynamic and innovative school, you will see that we not only have every child’s best interest at heart but the desire and passion to make an impact on the larger society. We are driven by the desire to see our community produce the leaders of tomorrow, the thinkers and designers of the future. We are Meadowridge and together we know we will succeed.